Feixue Mei

404 Not Found

“404 Not Found” is a reconstruction of an exhibition, where unassuming elements are replaced in a typical gallery space. For instance, “No flash camera” is replaced by “No Instagram”; the line that suggests “Don't get too close to artworks” is replaced by a loading bar, and the artist's name is replaced by an anonymous code. What is high-art and what is low-art? What happens when these statuses switch? What will happen when traditional western oil paintings meet eastern contemporary fan art? What is copyright? Why people go to museums nowadays? For art? For photos? For Instagram? For “likes”?

Nowadays, people come to galleries and museums not for appreciating art but for taking photos of themselves near artworks in order to show they can appreciate high art and are more privileged than others. They post these photos on social media, and as more and more people contribute, the definition and the function of the exhibition is changed. Ownership and copyright are lost in the process of transferring.